NEW MEETING TIMES: 9:30am, 11:15am

Helps Ministry

Here is a little bit about a few of the ministries we could use help in now! If you would like more information please contact the church office to learn about other areas of helps. Thank you.

Parking Lot Ministry

You are the first smiling face people see when they come to Victory, and you have the first opportunity to share the Love of God with our visitors! You will greet people as they get out of their vehicles to offer assistance with carrying bags or corralling children into the church building. Your attitude will set the stage and expectation of the people coming in, no pressure. ;)

Door Greeters

You will greet every person coming in our doors with a smile, a handshake, or a hug. First impressions make lasting impressions, sharing the Love of God with people as they come in can make an impression that can change someones eternal destiny!

Welcome Ministry

This is definately for the one who LOVES meeting people. Offering a smiling face and a helping hand, you can say hello to old friends and point new visitors in the right direction.

Cleaning Ministry

One of the top 3 reasons people do not return to a church is how dirty it was. The other reasons were recorded, but were lost in the mess.

You will help keep our building looking hip and groovey and smelling of a lemony pine forest.

Coffee Minsitry

Keeping the addicts tweakin' on caffine all morning long. We don't even want to think about what would happen without the coffee minstry. Probably something involving four horsemen.

You will hand out steaming cups of happieness to the weary and those that hate mornings.

Usher Teams

Our ushers are ushing because they were born to ush. No relation to the popular music artist. Unless you mean Tim. He is distantly related on his mothers side.

You will help people find their seats and keep things running smoothly. Oiling the gears of Victory and making it look easy.


If you love taking care of babies, this is the place for you! You will help keep the little ones happy, clean, and safe. You get to spend your morning teaching them new things, playing amazing games, and watching VEGGIE TALES! No, seriously. It IS that amazing.

Childrens Ministry

If you want to hang out with some of the most energetic people at Victory, this is where you will find them! And no, we do not mean the children.

You will help share the love of God with the kids of Victory while playing with Nerf guns. You will then wonder how you ever got by without being a part of Victory Kids.

Ignite Youth Ministry

Every Wednesday night, Victory is invaded by some of the most amazing young people you will have the pleasure of hanging out with!

You will get your head handed to you in Halo, have some 13 year old wipe the floor with you in Call of Duty, hussle some teens at pool, and eat more junk food than you would eat in two lifetimes. The things you do to impact the next generation for God.